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Fitness Journal
 February 2019

Fitness JournalFitness Journal - February 2019
Blood Facts: Circulating Information
This life-sustaining fluid inhabits a compelling place in our collective conscience (and colloquial expressions).
Integrated Stretching
Incorporate the entire body, enhance range of motion and optimize recovery by using suspension equipment in your cooldown.
How to Keep Attendees in Class
Borrow five teaching strategies from yoga to boost participants' staying power in your nonyoga class.
Team IDEA, At Your Service!
This small but mighty crew pulls out all the stops to inspire you, educate you and make your mission as a fitness pro an unequivocal success. Our reward is seeing you and your clients SOAR! We invite you to get to know us better.
Build a Better Club or Studio
Use our A-to-Z fitness equipment guide to refresh your current offerings or to draft a list of must-have tools from scratch.
The Nutrition–Fitness Hybrid: Bending the Model
Differentiate your gym or studio—while reinforcing sustainable client behavior change—by hiring RDs to counsel and train your clients.
From Baby Bump to Muscle Pump
A fitness program that delivers pre- and postnatal progress.
Recipe for Health: Spelt Chili
Recipe: Here's a great way to tap the value of legumes and whole grains.
There Is No Sugar Free cec
Why we should be skeptical about the value of artificial sweeteners.
With Chocolate, Less Is More cec
How much chocolate should we eat? One study may have found a sweet spot.
Are There Benefits to Time-Restricted Eating?
Eating a later breakfast and an earlier dinner can reduce body fat, says a British study.
Would You Like Gluten With That?
Researchers find that 1 in 3 “gluten-free” items at restaurants has enough gluten to exceed federal standards.
Question of the Month
Is it time to cut out alcohol?
Plant-Forward Eating Continues to Thrive
White Castle's veggie burger and more good news on the meat-free front.
Fat May Indeed Be Fattening
An experiment with mice shows fattier diets cause the most weight gain.
Fast-Food Nation cec
Check out these options for healthier meals at top restaurant chains.
Most People Are Getting Their Fill of Protein
Resistance training boosts protein requirements, scientists say.
Choosing a More Nutritious Grocery Store
Study says the quality of people's food choices may depend on which stores they visit.
Putting the Whole-Grain Health Puzzle Together cec
Study finds clues on why certain grains are such a good fit.
A Woman’s Place Is in the Weight Room cec
Optimize workouts to account for differences in musculature and hormones.
Resistance Training for Muscle Size: How Many Days Per Week Is Best? cec
Clients' age and fitness status play a crucial role in finding the right frequency.
Cardiovascular Fitness and Longevity cec
Experts say there is no downside to high fitness levels.
IDEA Member Spotlight
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few IDEA members who stand out in the crowd.
Exercise Program Can Restore Heart Muscle Health
Researcher calls exercise program a "prescription for life."
Wearables Lead 2019 Fitness Trends cec
Survey suggests they're international industry trends, not fads.
How to Grow Your Group Exercise Team
Look within your studio for your next star.
The Value of Plain Language cec
Are you using too much jargon?
Pilates and Fall Prevention cec
Weekly training reduces risks for older adults.
Muscle Mass as a New Vital Sign cec
Is muscle mass more important than BMI?