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Build a better club or studio

Use our A-to-Z fitness equipment guide to refresh your current offerings or to draft a list of must-have tools from scratch.

Whether you’re the owner of a large gym, a small-studio entrepreneur, a mobile personal trainer, or a yoga or Pilates specialist, a basic tenet of keeping your edge sharp with clients is to shake things up frequently enough that they (and you!) don’t get bored. Certainly, that means changing your programming regularly, but it also means looking at your equipment with fresh eyes and considering some new tools for experimentation—all while being judicious about your budget.

Thinking of investing in a “workhorse” staple like an upright cycle or a new balance tool you know will be perfect for challenging boomer clients who crave functional longevity? Get a running start here with our take on the tried-and-true favorites as well as emerging stars. With all the innovation in our vibrant industry, it’s impossible to give an exhaustive list of what’s available to you today, but we hope this starter revs up your imagination and inspires you—and your clients—to try something new this year.

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