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August 2012

IDEA Fitness Journal - August 2012
Recipe for Great Summer Skin cec
Diet and exercise create a glow you can’t get from a bottle.
Eating or Fasting for Fat Loss: A Controversy Resolved cec
Italian study weighs the value of breakfast before exercise.
3 Thinking Shifts to Help Your Overweight Clients Get on Track cec
How to turn flexibility, social interaction and wellness vision into a winning fitness strategy.
Motivation: Getting Your Game On cec
What video games teach us about motivating clients.
Fat Burning Update cec
What science says on the latest claims about weight loss supplements.
The Psychology of Biofeedback cec
Using biofeedback tools in the training environment can help clients develop self-motivation and exercise adherence.
The Pros and Cons of Being a Hobby Instructor
Part-time status doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with lack of professionalism.
Core Strength With Kettlebells
Try these basic moves to add variety to your next class.
Diaphragmatic Breathing & Neck Pain cec
Improving poor breathing patterns can go a long way toward helping clients excel in their physical pursuits.
Mindfulness Practice: Empowering Fragmented Teens to Become Whole
Through innovative programs, youth discover their inner selves, face fears and embrace personal power.
Sample Class: Jump Rope Circuit
Create a total-body workout using three simple pieces of equipment.
Creating a Profitable Fitness Franchise
Discover the ingredients you need to turn your fitness business into a recipe for success.
How Friends Influence Weight cec
Studies find we mimic the habits of our closest companions.
HIIT vs. Continuous Endurance Training: Battle of the Aerobic Titans cec
A look at the science of high-intensity interval training.
The Fast-Food Fallacy
Why slow food beats fast food hands-down as the true value meal.
Resistance Training Improves Mental Health cec
Research is proving that your mind and body can be significantly improved with resistance training.
How Can Clients Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions? cec
Good intentions aren’t enough. So what works?
A New Twist to an Old Cardio Training Practice cec
The talk test may be a breath of fresh air for future measurements of intensity.
The Significant 7: Principles of Functional Training for Mature Adults cec
Take an educated, purposeful approach when designing programs for a special population that is growing in size and needs focused attention.