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Award Application Questions for Fitness Leaders

Walk the Walk

  • Characterize the professional and ethical standards to which you adhere, your personal mission and your goals for the future of the personal training industry.
  • Include a copy of your resumé, not to exceed three pages. The resumé should detail the number of years you’ve been in the business, the extent of your “hands-on” training or teaching experience, the number of hours per week you spend training or teaching clients, your major accomplishments and educational background, and the certification(s) you hold.

Inspire Others

  • Describe your leadership, financial and personnel management, and motivational skills both within the facility and in working with your staff. Include how your work directly contributes to your organization’s success, your professional vision, your training programs, the measurements of your staff’s success, any innovative cost-control or budget-cutting methods you have introduced, and effective motivation you have achieved though programming, education or training.
  • Describe the successful programs or policies you are responsible for and/or have implemented. Tell us what these programs or policies have accomplished by virtue of their creativity, the diversity of markets they reach, and the impact they have had on the participation of active and underactive individuals alike. Include the methods by which you have measured how participants have reached their goals or achieved desired results, and describe the overall results your organization has achieved.
  • Give two examples of how you inspired a client. Please include reference letters from those clients.

Make a Difference in Your Community

  • Describe your participation in local, national and/or international industry-related events on committees, task forces, publications (please list) and presentations.
  • Describe your organization and/or development of community events and outreach programs including, but not limited to, charity fundraisers, awareness campaigns, newspaper and magazine articles, lectures and fitness demonstrations.