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Enhancing Your Fitness Career/Taking it to the Next Level

Established Professionals

Stay Motivated and Avoid Career Burnout

This column provides trainers with practical ways to approach common business obstacles using a coaching strategy called “gap analysis.” A gap analysis helps people identify where they currently are in a situation, where they ultimately would like to be and what steps they must take in order to bridge the gap. Here’s how a gap analysis can help you avoid career burnout and remain motivated in your job.

Starting Point: Burning the Candle at Both Ends


The Pursuit of Higher Education

“I want to take [my education] to the next level and do some type of study in fitness,” said the Facebook message from IDEA member Melissa Spraul, a group fitness instructor in Los Angeles. Her passion for fitness is clear from all the workshops and conventions she attends, but she wonders how to go about starting her academic career. “We have a lot of community colleges and universities out here, but I’m a little overwhelmed,” she wrote. “Can you provide any insight?”


Handling Career Changes With Aplomb

Maybe you find that after carefully
mapping out your career path, you actually want to travel in a different
direction. Maybe you discover that a career milestone you thought would take
years to achieve is now within your grasp. Or maybe you are still blissfully
happy in your job but find that outside forces dictate a change.

As the old saying…