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Equity and Inclusion Committee

Committee Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Alert IDEA to the interests of fitness professionals and business owners, and recommend policies and initiatives that IDEA can undertake to meet these needs.

  • Help IDEA develop programming and activities at IDEA events that are geared toward a target group in which you are considered a subject matter expert.

  • Inform IDEA’s editorial team of trends and news relevant to fitness professionals and business owners.  Suggest article ideas and authors to IDEA’s editorial team.

  • Help IDEA develop additional member services, benefits and educational products to meet the needs of fitness professionals and business owners.

Equity and Inclusion Committee members

Rachael Babiracki

Phil Sanchez

Kia Williams

Katrina Pilkington

Farel Hruska

Eugene Lloyd

Chrissy King

Chas Rodgers

Brian Nguyen