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Chris Stevenson

Chris Stevenson, a former Power Ranger stuntman, is the founder of Stevenson Consulting, a full-service consulting firm based in Westlake Village, California. He focuses on helping businesses and entrepreneurs of all types to maximize potential. For almost 20 years, he and his team successfully owned and operated Stevenson Fitness, a full-service boutique health club in Southern California. The club was an operational success and gained world-class leadership status. Its success was reflected in the club’s NPS (Net Promoter Score, a measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction), which was consistently in the 90s (industry average is in the 40s). Stevenson recently founded Be Military Fit California to bring the world-renowned brand to the U.S. (Be Military Fit is a world leader in military fitness and outdoor training.) He sits on the board of directors for IHRSA and the Customer Engagement Academy. In addition, he is an international speaker who regularly presents at IDEA, IHRSA, Club Industry, and many other fitness and business events. He has the unique ability to instantaneously connect with people and to present viable, applicable lectures that resonate with every audience, on topics ranging from health and wellness to business strategies.