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Christopher Peterson

Christopher Peterson, PhD, is professor of psychology and director of the Michigan Positive Psychology Center at the University of Michigan. He is among the world’s most highly cited research psychologists and an award-winning teacher. His 2006 book, A Primer in Positive Psychology, is the basis for a continuing education course on positive psychology that he helped develop for DSW Fitness (www.dswfitness.com).

Article Archive

Tips for Motivating Discouraged Clients

May 25, 2011

For some clients who join a gym or hire a personal trainer, everything goes as planned, and their stories have happy endings. But other clients start discouraged or become discouraged. They may cancel their workouts or go through them half-heartedly, offering up more excuses than repetitions. They may fail to exercise on their own, and may let their gym memberships lapse. Discouragement is a vicious downward spiral, resulting in depression and plummeting self-esteem, not to mention ever-decreasing conditioning. So what can you do?

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Help for Discouraged Clients

April 15, 2011

What makes life worth living? Among the answers are work, love and service. A playful attitude brought to bear on any of these adds to enjoyment and ultimately our judgment that life is being lived well. Health and fitness also make life worth living, as ends in their own right as well as means to…

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