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Amy Ashmore, PhD

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Training women over 40

Training Loads for Women Over 40

March 11, 2020

Personal trainers often have female clients over the age of 40 who have similar complaints about losing muscle mass and gaining body fat. Although these changes aren’t unexpected and can be a normal part of the aging process, they are not inevitable. In fact, the right resistance-training program can positively affect body composition by reducing fat, maintaining and building muscle, and increasing strength in this population.

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Cardio–Strength Combo: Maximizing the Benefits

February 16, 2018

In today’s marketplace, knowing how to offer combined training is a must-have skill. People want it all—cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training—in just 50 minutes.

It’s easy to design individual or small-group programs that combine several exercise modes so that clients can meet multiple goals in a single session. But there is one challenge to keep in mind: Doing cardio, strength and flexibility training during the same session seems to confuse muscles at the molecular level, in effect interfering with their ability to respond properly (Doma & Deakin 2013).

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Concurrent Training Can Jeopardize Strength Gains

March 17, 2015

A lot of people do concurrent training— cardio and strength training within the same session—because it seems to achieve multiple goals at the same time. It’s also a proven fat-burner, making it a popular choice for general fitness.

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Effective Verbal Feedback for Older Clients

August 21, 2012

Senior exercisers learn differently than younger ones do. They also process information differently from younger exercisers, and they react differently to the same information. This means trainers need to know

whether to give feedback, and how to give it;
when to give feedback—whether during a movement or once it’s completed; and
what exactly to focus on and what to say.

Giving effective verbal feedback during exercise—knowing what to say and when to say it—is essential to the fitness success of older clients.

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Design, Execute and Modify a Program for Your Client

January 26, 2012

One of the most common obstacles personal trainers face is the need to modify an exercise program during a session. A good trainer comes to a fitness appointment with a series of exercises for the client to do. However, even the most well-planned program may need to be modified. The key to success is knowing, based on the client’s unique biomechanics and movement patterns, which modifications to make and how to implement them with confidence.

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Strength and Cardio Supersets

May 25, 2011

Alternating strength sets with time on cardiovascular equipment is a popular way to train clients. When designed and executed correctly, this strategy can very effectively overload muscles, producing maximum results in minimum time.

p class=”subhead”>Designing Strength and Cardio Supersets

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