Question asked by Leondro Hernandez 2646 days ago

Which is better protien or carbohydrates for post work outs?

I have a feeling most will say protein and it is very true indeed however I have another reason as to why I believe carbohydrates may have the upper hand to post recovery. I just want to know what others think and then I will state why I hold to my belief. Thank you all for your insight!


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Hello Leondro,
I agree with above posts as well however, I make sure I always include MCT's in my recovery meal or drink...MCT's are often overlooked.

I say carbs are best before the workout , My reason is with someone i know who coaches a junior hockey team as they were getting ready just hours before their drills had some carbs for lunch ( ex noodles or pasta) as they burn their energy during their time of training. As for recovering from a workout i say protein .
Answered by jad beck 2061 days ago
A banana with a protein shake are a good to go.
Answered by Jason Martuscello 2646 days ago
The answer is neither. Both should be apart of post-exercise nutrition (SEE BELOW). However, in choosing "one" it is going to depend on individual and their goals. Power or strength individual -> Protein...Endurance - CHO....

-Glycogen Resynthesis
-Suppress Protein Breakdown

-Reduce Muscle Soreness
-Increase Protein Synthesis

-Glycogen Resynthesis
-Reduce Muscle Soreness
-Increase Protein Synthesis
-Suppress Protein Breakdown

Fuel the Movement
I agree with jason.
Normally for a post workout a ratio of 5/3 is recommanded.
for 5g of carbs you ll take 3 g of protein.
After all will depend of your goals if you want to gain weight the maximum of protein recommanded is 2g/kg/day

so if you are 80 kg ( sorry guys I'm not good with lb , but the ratio is the more important) you'll take 160g of protein per day. don't forget the protein in your meals , shaker are just add one!
Answered by LaRue Cook 2646 days ago
Hi Leondro. All of the recent research that I've come across suggests that it's a combination of carbs and proteins that work best as a post-exercise recovery 'meal.' As a matter of fact, just yesterday I read another research piece in the August 2012 issue of NCSA's Strength and Conditioning Journal on this issue.

Answered by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali 2645 days ago
I personally although both are important for recovery, you will find the perfect answer by consulting with a licensed sports nutritionist/dietitian.

Best to you.
I rarely take in a meal without including some form of protein unless it is during vigorous activity like a 10+ mile run. During recovery, protein is never overlooked but neither are carbohydrates. A better suggestion is to research which ratio of these macronutrients is best for recovering from the specific training you have done. Oh,... and always consult a professional nutritionist or dietitian as I am neither.
Answered by Ron Crum 2645 days ago
I usually go for the Taco 12-Pack from Taco Bell, but that's just me. Aside from that, I agree with the advice above.
Answered by Sue D'Alonzo 2645 days ago
Personally, I like protein with vegetables after a workout.
I think everyone has different needs and must pay attention to what their body is saying to them.
Being in tune with fuel comes in a variety of choices.
Okay everyone I understand that protien plays a vital role in excersie however I have done research myself which includes concepts from a former late bodybuilder Mike Mentzer on the topic of protien and carbs, and what he states make sense in the way of recovering from workouts. He says that:

M.M.(Mike Mentzer) The most important thing regarding nutrition is that a bodybuilder obtain a well-balanced diet. This can be accomplished by getting the daily compliment from each of the Four Basic Food Groups:

1) fruits and vegetables
2) cereals and grains
3) meat, fish and poultry and
4) milk and daily products.

Doing so will give you the proper ratio of nutrients - 60 percent carbs, 25 percent protein and 15 percent fats.

Mike belived that complex carbs were key to rapid recovery because the body needs energy right away to fill up or repair just trained muscles..he even says that the diet should be 60% CARBS AND 25% PROTIEN after a workout no matter what kind of training it is! (A Please check this site out.

And as we all know it takes the body way longer to breakdown protien than it does to break down carbs!
I would like you all to visit you tube and watch his speeches on his insight dealing with post recovery. The website is...(

I have used mostly carbs for post recovery and I must tell you I feel the difference compared to loading up on protien!
And yet another expert in dieting has said this...Dr. Pierre Dukan answered:
Of all the food categories, the digestion of proteins is the most time consuming. It takes over three hours to break down and assimilate proteins. The reason for this is simple: protein molecules are long chains with well-soldered links, and to break down their resistance requires the combination of good chewing and the simultaneous attack of various gastric, pancreatic, and biliary juices.

This long process of calorie extraction taxes the system; it has been calculated that to obtain 100 calories from a protein food, the system must use 30 calories. We can say that the specific dynamic action of proteins is 30 percent, while it is only 12 percent for fats and just 7 percent for carbohydrates. (

So my point is everyone is indeed different however when one is trying to recover right after a workout it takes the body way too long to recive the benifits of ingesited protiens compared to carbs. Now if a person is diabetic then bu all means take a small amount of carbs with more protien, but for the average healthy individual carbs help the recovery process faster than protien. Thank you all for your insight you my friends do indeed have valid points!

Answered by Bryant Seton 2639 days ago
Energy before- recover after.

Carbs pre workout, protien post workout.
Answered by Harris Sophocleous 2463 days ago
It all depends on the client, his/her training regimen and any medical conditions that might be present (such as diabetes, kidney or pancreatic diseases, etc.). Personally, I would go for both protein and carbs. I don't put much of weight at what drug using bodybuilders say, especially those who are sponsored by supplement companies. Again, a well-balanced diet plan is enough to provide all of those nutrients your body needs to recover and repaired its self from any type of workout.
I use the same formula as Bryant but it also depends on whether I lifted, or did cardio, or both.
I agree that combining both carb and protein post-workout are helpful and important. A lot depends on the type of workout. Carbs are especially important if the workout is a maximal effort cardiovascular workout to ensure adequate glycogen replenishment. Protein if the workout is a maximal effort resistance training workout.

Take care.
Answered by Martin Petrofes 1590 days ago
The research is pretty clear. A generalized summary would be to consume 20 g protein, 30 to 40 g carbohydrate, and some form of electrolyte replenishment. I do not make specific recommendations. But I do recommend that weight loss clients make every effort to schedule/time their meals to be post workout nutrition. If other clients are looking for weight gain, eating before and after is my recommendation (but not to eat heavy meals right before working out). And for those with little time to prepare meals postworkout, I recommend preparing in advance (which can save time for more than just exercise). Preparing well planned meals to place in the fridge to eat later will help anyone to eat better and save time.

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