I’ve learned the info from NASM, NSCA, and ACSM study materials to get a broader range of knowledge and different perspectives/viewpoints. How much different is the PTA Global personal training course from those certifications? I plan to never stop learning and from what I’ve seen of PTA Global, being taught by the leaders of the industry and I guess the most up to date knowledge that isn’t usually taught in personal training certifications interests me.

I want the knowledge, but I also want the official certification, mainly to show that I wanted to learn from the some of the best leaders in our industry to better myself. For interview’s if I wasn’t certified by them, I’m not sure if they’d be able to know unless I personally demonstrated it or told them about it. If I explained to clients or potential clients that I was taught by the one of the fitness industry’s leaders in their specialty for each personal training topic and I always stay on top when it comes to my knowledge and getting better as a trainer, it could be a good selling point and potentially help my credibility.

If there are just really small differences, would it be better to do the bridging course and then do the advanced course? If I do that, hopefully not missing out on little things/differences that could make a big difference in the way I think, or train or communicate with my clients.

Thanks in advance.