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IDEA COVID-19 Support Webinar Series: Reopening Our Facilities, Part 2


Presented by

Sandy Todd Webster, Editor in Chief, IDEA Publications, Brent Gallagher, Rick Mayo, Sean Turner, and Shari Solomon


Nine weeks into the Coronavirus pandemic, many states and jurisdictions have lifted shelter-in-place orders and are opening—or are already opened for business. While this is positive, in that it’s a step toward normalcy, it’s also a very complex process to navigate for gym owners and managers. The path to reopening is fraught with many obstacles and unknowns, and it will certainly not be linear.

In this second of a two-part series, our expert panel talks about instilling effective messaging and training for staff and customers on new protocols concerning physical distancing and cleaning; key components of a cleaning and disinfection program (chemistry of cleaning, tools, supplies & equipment, research and recommendations for cleaning SARS-CoV-2; and training staff how to clean); and how to plan for the high potential of having to shut down and then reopen if/when reinfection occurs.

Listeners can expect to learn the following:

  • Phased opening: What it looks like
  • Physical distancing, creating a safe space for all
  • New Expectations and Training for Staff and Members
  • Cleaning Your Gym: What to do, how to do it, what to look for in product quality, and what it might cost.

Panelist Bios

Moderator: Sandy Todd Webster, Editor in Chief, IDEA Publications

Brent Gallagher is the owner of Avenu Fitness, with 2 locations in Houston, Texas. His 14-year-old brand is known for measuring quality of life before physical metrics. Brent invests his time coaching and growing Avenu’s 16 high-performing leaders who oversee 400 members. He is devoted to motivating fitness businesses to challenge the status quo by redefining what’s possible for the communities they serve.

Rick Mayo is the founder and CEO of Alloy Personal Training (est. 1992). As the owner of Alloy Personal Training, Rick and his team conduct over 60,000 personal training sessions a year. Alloy has licensed its business and training systems to over 2,000 clubs worldwide and has now moved to a full franchise model.

Shari Solomon is President of CleanHealth Environmental, LLC. CleanHealth provides infection prevention and industrial hygiene training and consulting services geared toward facility personnel and vendors responsible for infection prevention, cleaning and disinfection, as well as facility operations and maintenance. An attorney by trade, she has more than 20 years of environmental consulting and federal regulatory experience, plus a keen understanding of liability prevention and practical risk management solutions.

Sean Turner is the CEO of Les Mills U.S. His 25 + years of fitness leadership, and unique roles driving operations, sales, marketing and digital platforms for major global fitness brands, have played an integral part of evolving the industry. Among the first in the fitness world to hold the title of Chief Digital Officer, he led the digital transformation for the Holmes Place Group of businesses. He also founded Odyssey Network, a boutique soft skills development company in Europe. A true citizen of the world, Sean grew up in South Africa, has lived in the Middle East, in multiple European capitals and now resides in Chicago.

Resources mentioned by panelists in this webinar:

AIHA Guidance: Reopening Guidance for Gyms and Workout Facilities

The CDC Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfection

Rick Mayo has been discussing reopening strategies each week in his Alloy Personal Training Business Podcast.