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Opportunities, Challenges and Successes Coaching Diabetes Prevention Online


Presented by

Kailee Clipp & Suzy Peck

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Join a spirited and inspiring conversation between two active Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Lifestyle Coaches who have successfully transitioned their services online. Attendees will hear stories from the ‘front lines’ in an ongoing effort to assist high risk clients with prediabetes in a remote setting. In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • best practices when coaching remotely

  • how to implement retention strategies to optimize program outcomes

  • the steps needed to abide by HIPAA regulations for remote delivery of DPP

Kailee Clipp is a Group Lifestyle Balance Lifestyle Coach and Master Trainer. Her passions include training coaches and helping clients to develop the confidence and ability for lifestyle changes.

Suzy Peck is a Regional Coordinator and Coach Trainer at Spark360/ Empower360. Her passions include health coaching, all-encompassing wellness and healthy home-baking!

Start a career as a diabetes prevention coach through our CDC-recognized online training program, SparkPro Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training. Earn your certificate of completion and join the largest national effort to solve a major health epidemic: type 2 diabetes.