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An Industry First: Affordable Health Insurance Plans for IDEA's Fitness Professionals


Presented by

Amy Boone Thompson, Marco Velasco, Daniel Josipovich


IDEA® is proud to introduce a medical and dental health insurance program for fitness professionals. Do you have affordable healthcare coverage? And if so, are your benefits meeting you and your family’s healthcare need? IDEA understands and recognizes the challenges its members and customers have had finding affordable programs while working as a contractors or small business owners. IDEA is excited to introduce a new program that provides customized and flexible options for fitness professionals.

Don’t miss this informative free webinar! Learn about the various plans, benefits, and enrollment options.

When you’re done watching the webinar, click here to learn more and enroll.


Presented by:

Amy Boone Thompson
Vice President/GM Fitness Group
Active Interest Media

Marco Velasco
Inspired Service Manager
IDEA Health & Fitness Association

Daniel Josipovich
Crystal Bay Insurance Services