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Exercise Programming for Lymphedema Prevention & Management


Presented by

Andrea Leonard

Lymphedema is cancer’s best-kept secret. Following lymph node removal or radiations, there may be damage to the lymph nodes and vessels that can result in painful and functionally limiting swelling of the affected area. Most patients are unaware of the risk and uninformed trainers can actually increase the risk with improper exercise programming. Andrea will teach you how to properly prescribe exercise to reduce your client’s risk of getting lymphedema, or manage/minimize symptoms in those clients that already have it.

You Will Learn:

  • The pattern of lymphatic flow and what areas are at risk with an axillary node dissection, sentinel node biopsy, and/or radiation.

  • How and when to progress cardio and strength training in order to prevent/minimize lymphedema.

  • Effective lymphatic drainage exercises to prepare your client for exercise and minimize their risks.