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Common Gait Limitations of People With Low Back Pain


Presented by

Chuck Wolf, MS

Assessing back function is dependent upon the knowledge base of how the feet, lower extremity, and pelvis are integrated in their actions. Join Chuck Wolf, Director of Human Motion Associates, in Orlando, Florida as he explores the interaction of the lumbar and thoracic spine and its relationship with the lower and upper extremity.

In this webinar, Chuck Wolf will demonstrate the faulty movement patterns often expressed by those with low back issues; and apply functional strategies to enhance movements for all populations.

You will learn:

  • The normal function of the foot and ankle complex to enhance the biomechanics of the lower extremity and reduce the risk of low back pain.

  • How limitations in the foot/ankle complex, hips, and thoracic spine adversely impact the function of the lumbar spine.

  • Strategies to enhance proper movement of the Big Movement Rocks (foot/ankle complex, hips, and thoracic spine) and reduce the risk of low back pain and injury.

If you want more tips and strategies to help your clients who are experience low-back pain, join Chuck Wolf for his new online course, the Essential Guide to a Pain-Free Low Back: Progressive Reconditioning & Program Considerations.