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Coaching Proper Movement Patterns


Presented by

Fabio Comana

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As exercise-related and chronic injuries continue to increase in fitness and within the general population, it is time for fitness professionals to better understand the stability-mobility relationship throughout the kinetic chain and how it functions in relation to promoting proper movement? More importantly, where does scope of practice fit into this expanded range of services we can provide?

Join Fabio Comana, faculty instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and faculty in Exercise Science and Nutrition at San Diego State University, as he discusses these practices and how they relate to a fitness professional’s scope of practice.

Plus, Fabio will introduce many key concepts and takeaways in alignment and movement to help elevate your services from good-to-great!!

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of integrating postural assessments and movement screens into practice.

  • Appropriate scope of practice.

  • The roles of stability and mobility throughout the entire kinetic chain

  • How movement dysfunction occurs when either stability or mobility is lacking.

  • How effective corrective exercise techniques and coaching proper movement patterns promote movement efficiency to reduce pain and injury.