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Cancer Recovery Exercises with the BOSU Balance Trainer


Presented by

Andrea Leonard

Andrea Leonard, President & Founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute and author of “Essential Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors,” will teach you how to use the BOSU Balance trainer to effectively train clients in treatment or recovering from breast surgery, radiation, and reconstruction. She will take you through the necessary progressions/regressions to help clients minimize their risk of lymphedema, correct muscle imbalances from surgery and treatment, and improve range of motion in their affected arm. These exercises can be incorporated into individual training sessions or a group exercise class.

You Will Learn:

  • Which exercises to choose (based on muscle imbalances and ROM limitations) and how to safely take your client through the different levels while minimizing treatment side-effects.

  • Peripheral neuropathy and the challenges with fine motor skills, aerobics, and balance.

  • How to work with a group of breast cancer survivors and cater to their individual needs in a class setting