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Arthritis Exercise Integration


Presented by

Christine Conti

As a fitness professional, you have a unique opportunity to assist individuals with various forms of arthritis. A well-designed exercise program is one of the best treatments for arthritis symptoms, meaning that you can help to substantially improve the quality of life for individuals with arthritis. This webinar will provide you with the basic information about various forms, symptoms, and treatments of arthritis, as well as the ways in which to assess and implement safe and effective exercises for longevity.

You will learn:

  • The various types and causes of arthritis, their symptoms, and the most commonly affected joints.

  • The role of the fitness professional as it relates to working with the arthritic client.

  • The steps needed to assess, design, implement, and evaluate a safe and effective arthritis exercise program.

Christine Conti is a mother of two who understands the importance of movement as medicine at the physical and cognitive levels. Christine is a 20-year veteran in the fitness industry, who has also been battling a severe autoimmune disease for the past decade. Through proper exercise, nutrition, and mindset practices she has been able to reduce symptoms and decrease dependency on medications.

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