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2022 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Session Info

102: PRE-EVENT: Theragun Performance Specialist Course

  • Presented by: Paul CauldwellChris Nentarz, PT

  • 02-24-2022 2:00pm - 6:00pm

aasfp 0.10 ace 0.40 acsm 4.00 action 0.40 afaa 4.00 afpa 4.00 bcrpa 4.00 chek 4.00 fai 4.00 ifpa 4.00 issa 4.00 nafc 0.40 nasm 0.40 nbhwc 4.00 nccpt 4.00 ncep 4.00 ncsf 2.00 nesta 0.40 neta 4.00 nfpt 0.80 niew 0.40 nspa 4.00 ptag 4.00

Percussive therapy can be a powerful tool in helping you and your clients improve mobility, movement performance and recovery. This interactive, 4-hour course is the first step for any personal trainer or performance coach who would like to immerse themselves into percussive therapy. You will learn the essential skills to effectively use percussive therapy for personal use and have the knowledge to help your clients and athletes use it for maximum benefit.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • the science of percussive therapy with specific focus on the physiological and neurological effects
  • the benefits of percussive therapy for your clients
  • how to implement percussive therapy strategies into a client’s or athlete’s warmup, strength and recovery programming

Up to 4 CECs 

Participants will receive an IDEA CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

Session 102

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