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632 The Fitness Marshall: Live Cardio Concert

Join the Fitness Marshall for this unique dance experience set to today’s hottest songs with original choreography. Regardless of your dance abilities, or lack thereof, the Fitness Marshall will challenge and inspire you to get up and groove with this fun workout.

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633 HIIT Programming Evolved (TRX® CORE FORMULA)

Learn the science behind EMOMs and AMRAPs, and take that knowledge into a practical setting. See how exercises can be repurposed and manipulated for different outcomes depending on how you apply the principles of each HIIT protocol. This session is not about teaching new exercises, it’s about learning how to program skillfully and with purpose…

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634 Tumbling 101: Rolling, Cartwheeling and Jumping!

In the training world, we often make strength and mobility paramount, but how do we learn how to move better? Coordination and motor control will be the focus of this session through learning basic floor tumbling. These movements will show you how to give your clients new awareness of how to move their bodies and…

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635 Training the Injured Client

As traditional training has evolved into wellness and performance, the training industry has always stayed well clear of one of the third rails of working with humans: pain. Viewing pain and tissue sensitization through the lens that people are complex psychosocial-emotional beings, today’s fitness professional is already well equipped to manage and modify movement as…

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636 Breathing, Rehabilitation and Performance: The Neural Link

Brain-based respiratory training offers a unique way to deal with movement, pain and performance dysfunctions through its impact on the nervous system. In this workshop, you will explore the anatomy and neurology of breathing. You will leave with a better understanding of respiratory optimization as well as numerous assessments and drills you can implement immediately…

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637 Loaded Mobility Training: Combining Mobility, Stability and Strength in Program Design (ACE Mover Academy)

Many protocols promote the concept that stability must precede mobility, which precedes strength. In this very interactive session, learn why mobility, stability and strength may be best achieved when trained together. Discover why biology loves to achieve these three outcomes together and why biomechanics are better served when mobility, stability and strength are combined.

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