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June 2017

IDEA Trainer SuccessJune 2017 IDEA Trainer Success
A New Voice for Fitness Entrepreneurs
Goodbye IDEA Trainer Success.
Master Your Business and Create a World-Class Brand
The IDEA World Club & Studio Summit at the IDEA® World Convention brings together top fitness entrepreneurs who will share their best trade secrets and insider insights on what it takes to build a business that thrives.
The Top Mistakes Online Entrepreneurs Make, and How to Fix Them
There's more to building an online business than owning a flashy website.
Are Your Beliefs About Success and Money Holding You Back?
How the wrong mindset can keep you from achieving your financial and professional goals.
Should You Self-Publish?
How self-publishing a book might help your business.
The Top 3 Mistakes Trainers Make With Their Business
Mistakes are inevitable. But if you can avoid them before they happen, then you'll have more time to focus on building a stronger business.