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2014 May

IDEA Fitness Manager2014 May IDEA Fitness Manager
Creating an Injury Policy for Instructors
Don't wait until a member of your staff gets seriously hurt; create a standard operating procedure that addresses injuries.
How to Launch a Successful Small-Group Training Program, Part Three
You have a variety of options to choose from when you're searching for the best program for your facility.
How to Evaluate Mind-Body Staff, Part Two
Gain an in-depth understanding of the skills needed to teach certain formats—before you create or analyze metrics.
Leadership Series, Part Two: What’s Your Strength?
There's value in building on what you're already good at.
Fitness Managers Fuel Their Passion at Must-Attend Event
Transform your facility's future at the 2014 IDEA World Fitness ConventionÔäó, August 13-17, in Anaheim, California.