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Training Techniques for High-Performance Masters Athletes

November-December 2019 IDEA Fitness Journal Quiz 3: Athletic Training for Senior Clients

  •  Season 2, Episode 14

Welcome to the latest episode of the IDEA Listen & Learn CEC Podcast—the fitness industry’s first audible CEC program. In order to claim your CEC you will need to pass a short quiz which is available for purchase in the IDEA store. The quiz comes with the written version of the CEC articles on this podcast, so you also can read them and refer back to the research presented. This episode contains information that has been approved for 1 CEC hour by more than 25 approval agencies including ACE, NASM, AFAA, ACSM and NFPT.

Scientific interest in high-performance aging has only just begun. 

While there is a large body of research into the mechanisms of aging, this field has yet to examine highly trained adult athletes.  With more than 100 million individuals in the U.S. over the age of 50, the pool of potential athletes and clients interested in high-performance fitness is vast. Written by Charlie Hoolihan, this article discusses science-based protocols that fitness professionals can utilize when training masters athletes over 50.

Read by Judy Minich – Managing Editor – IDEA