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IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips – September 2021

Teen girls showing smartphones and poor eating habits
Smartphones and Poor Eating Habits
More phone time leads to poor eating habits.
Food from plant-based diets
Plant-Based Diets and Meal Timing
People who eat more plants at night may have healthier hearts.
Graphic of a crazy brain not making healthy food choices
Why Making Healthy Food Choices Is Hard
Why tasty snack foods are tough to resist.
Plate of foods with omega-3 for migraines
Omega-3 for Migraines cec
Higher intake of healthy fats tied to fewer, less severe skull crushers.
Fueling with real CA milk
Help Your Clients Fuel Like The Pros SPONSORED
Members of Player Health & Performance for a professional football team share fueling tips.
Watermelon board
5 Reasons Your Clients Should Eat Watermelon SPONSORED
This sweet treat deserves a spot in every kitchen, helping hydrate and fuel your fitness.