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IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips - January 2020

Almonds and magnesium
Magnificent Magnesium SPONSORED
Ever think about magnesium? Learn about this mineral and its particular importance for athletes.
New Year Nutrition
Stick to the (Nutrition) Plan SPONSORED
The new year rush is behind you. Don’t let the motivation slip away too.
Keto Diet
What’s the Word on Keto for Weight Loss? SPONSORED
A nutrition expert sounds in with the answers to the questions your clients are asking about keto.
Benefits of a plant-based diet
5 Big Benefits of Plant-Based Diets
This batch of studies should send us searching for new veggie recipes.
What Diet Fuels Workouts Best? cec
Research looks at eating habits that help athletes keep up the pace.
Low-FODMAP diet
FODMAP Gut Check: Test Your Knowledge cec
For some people, foods generally deemed “healthy” can cause digestive distress bad enough to derail workouts. Here’s what fitness and health coaches need to know.