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Fit Tips – March 2022

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Fasting and meal timing

The Low-Down on Fasting and Meal Timing

Get the facts about fasting, frequency and if there’s a right time to eat.
Yoga for seniors

Research-Based Yoga for Seniors

Add benefit to your program design with a practice that ages well.
Skeletal anatomy of a healthy spine

Program Workouts for a Healthy Spine

A discussion on movement and misalignment of the spine and how to enhance your clients’ performance by keeping the back front-of-mind.
Group exercise

Group Fitness and the Stages of Behavior Change

You started teaching to help others get fit and healthy—but how much can you really help?


Cup full of added sugar cubes
This concise set of news stories provides a smart, credible glimpse at the dynamic fields of diet trends, food, nutrition and behavior change science. Combined with Headlines, you can earn 1 CEC by reading and taking the Quiz.

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Woman doing isometric training
This collection of evidence-based news stories will bring you up to date on fitness trends, exercise research and fitness industry happenings. Combined with Food For Thought, you can earn 1 CEC by reading and taking the Quiz.

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