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Fit Tips – September 2021

Matrix functional training space and tips

Maximize Impact in a Functional Training Zone

How trainers and instructors can build hours and clients by offering specialized programs in a functional training zone.
Person gripping their leg in pain on a run

The Dirty Little Secret in Fitness: Sue’s Story

Fitness doesn’t prevent pain. MELT creator Sue Hitzmann’s personal story is proof & reveals the answer.
Fitness professional in gym showing how to rebuild your fitness career

How to Rebuild Your Fitness Career, Part One

Learn how to apply four secrets to lasting business success.
Causes of inflammation

Inflammation: Obesity, Diabetes, Aging and Exercise

Common causes of chronic inflammation—and what you can do about it.
Executive function and concentration

Executive Function: A Powerful Mode of Concentration

Discover concentration strategies that help you meet your goals.
Chest opener stretch

Better Stretch Options for Older Adults

Teach these alternatives to common flexibility moves.
Ball bridge for kids

Core Training for Kids

Prepare younger class participants for a strong and healthy future.