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Fit Tips – November 2021

My PT Hub branding

4 Brand-Building Tips for Personal Trainers

For personal trainers, distinctive branding is essential. Build a brand that sells with these tips!
Cashless payments

Surviving and Profiting With Cashless Payments

Are you prepared to say goodbye to paper money?
woman coping through stress

Coping Through Stress to Flourish

Protect your mind and body from wear and tear by learning to embrace adversity.
Sleep and gut health connection

The Connection Between Sleep and Gut Health

Adopt eating habits that support your microbiome—and your sleep.
woman stretching as movement preparation

Upgraded Movement Preparation

Use your knowledge of the fascial system to help participants improve their mobility.
Small exercise equipment

Small Exercise Equipment for Big Impact

Adopt a multistep approach and get more done with limited options.
Compassionate coaching

How to Develop Compassionate Coaching

Use this scientific look at the personality traits associated with compassion to integrate them into your wellness coaching every day.