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Fit Tips – May 2021


2 Specializations Every Personal Trainer Should Have

There are many courses for expanding your skills. Find out which two you really need!
MELT Method

MELT Method: The Missing Dimension in Wellness

Discover an overlooked key to optimal wellness—one that diet, exercise and meditation can’t touch.
Nutrition lifestyle and dietary changes

Make Better Nutrition a Lifestyle

Motivate yourself to eat more healthfully.
Hip hinge stretch

Stretches After Sitting All Day

Lead cooldown stretches that take increased screen time and sitting into account.
Tape box workout

Sample Class: Tape-Box Workout

Create and teach individual “blocks” of intensity.
Revenue streams for fitness businesses during the pandemic

5 Ways Fitness Businesses Have Created Revenue in Pandemic Times

Adjusting to coronavirus restrictions meant virtual classes and outdoor sessions for many fitness businesses, and some got creative.
Shoulder warmup

Prep the Shoulders Before Play

Address all planes of motion to get this ball-and-socket joint ready for action.