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Fit Tips – July 2021

Woman working out with Merrithew Connect

Merrithew Connect™: Online Pilates, Fitness and Mind-Body Workouts

Elevate your teaching skills with our expansive catalog of 200+ Pilates, fitness and mind-body workouts.
Two people's hands clasped together to represent forgiveness

The Healing Benefits of Forgiveness

Holding a grudge can affect your health.
Women exercising during a park workout

Sample Class: Park Workout

Teach your class at the local park and add a fun mix of strength and cardio.
Man demonstrating concentric and eccentric training movements

5 Eccentric-Training Controversies, Resolved

The positive results of “negative” muscle work.
Cycling instructor

Cycling Class Connection

How do instructors get students in the zone?
Specialization or diversifying

The Ongoing Dilemma: Specialize or Diversify?

Play to your strengths when determining which business model is right for you.