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Fit Tips – December 2021

Genes and exericse

Genes and Exercise: Does it Matter?

What does recent research say about targeted outcomes?
People in kickboxing class

Sample Class: Song-Mapping for Kickboxing

Let music simplify the experience.
People celebrating inclusive holidays together

Celebrating Inclusive Holidays

As you plan your seasonal gatherings, how will you ensure that all feel welcome and represented?
Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Understanding Food Allergy, Intolerance and Sensitivity

Food reactivity issues seem to be on the rise: What does this mean for you and your clients, and how can you coach people to adopt appropriate nutritional solutions?
People putting puzzle pieces together to show business collaboration

Fitness Business Collaboration Beyond Brand

Can group fitness instructors and industry companies stop competing and work together?
HIIT research showing man using jump rope

HIIT Research That Unravels Controversies

Get answers to three highly debated questions about high-intensity interval training.
Trainer helping a woman with functional training

Functional Training for Active Aging

Discover what type of exercise you need to enhance fitness as you grow older.