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Fit Tips - October 2020

Multivitamins for illness in older adults
Multivitamins Ease Illness Symptoms in Older Adults
Increased micronutrients were shown to reduce illness duration and severity.
Creative warmup
Innovative Warmups
Be creative from the start!
Returning to training
Help Clients Return to Training Safely, Smartly cec
You can’t just pick up where you left off with your clients before a lockdown—apply solid research to ramp up your programming.
Leadership in changing fitness industry
Authentic Leadership in a Changing Industry
How are you balancing external pressures while still being a rock for your employees?
Exercise recover methods
Alternate Exercise Recovery Methods
Innovative paths to exercise recovery.
Gut health and sleep
The Gut-Sleep Connection cec
Research unravels the amazing link between sleep and the gut.
Mechanics and programming for shoulder health
Shoulder the Load: Mechanics and Programming for Shoulders cec
Understand basic shoulder mechanics and learn how to program a routine that will enhance your clients’ performance and durability.