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Fit Tips - February 2020

Carbs and insomnia
Insomnia Linked to Refined Carbs
Research suggests refined carbs and sugar can lead to sleep problems.
ISSA DNA-Based Fitness Coach course
4 Genetic Profiles That Influence Fitness Results SPONSORED
Help your clients know about their genetic disposition and build the programming specifically tailored for them.
Help clients connect mentally
Mentally Prepared to Move
Use social media and active engagement at the start of class to get participants in the right mindset.
Training for happiness
Training Happy for Positive Behavioral Change cec
To keep clients’ New Year’s motivation going strong all year, scientists have a surprising suggestion: don’t focus on getting them to exercise harder. Help them exercise happier. Here’s why—and how.
Being Your Own Boss
Examine entrepreneurial options for creating a personal training business.
Resist the Twist: Core Stabilization Postures
The ability to resist outside forces in these stabilization postures helps participants strengthen the core and avoid injury.