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Fit Tips - April 2020

DNA-based coaching

The Future of Fitness: DNA-Based Fitness Coaching

How to become the expert for result-driven health and fitness programs—completely online.
Body weight class

Sample Class: Body-Weight Barrage

Teach participants how to master movements with this scalable body-weight class that can be done anywhere.

3 Coaching Techniques to Motivate and Retain Clients

How do we win over the four-fifths of adults who don't exercise or are dealing with obstacles to fitness?
Positive Psychology

Harness the Power of Positive Psychology

Draw on positive psychology to keep clients upbeat and motivated during hard times.

Nutrition Strategies for Stress and Pain Management

Research shows that certain foods may help our bodies fight the damaging effects of chronic stress and pain.

7 Self-Care Tips for Fitness Professionals

In an industry of caregivers, prioritizing your own self-care is necessary to your health and happiness, especially during times of crisis.