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Fitness Journal Sprint
– june 2020

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Healthcare coverage for fitness professionals
An Industry First: Affordable Health Insurance Plans for Fitness Professionals
IDEA® introduces the industry’s first medical and dental health insurance program for fitness pros.


Strength training reps
This collection of evidence-based news stories will bring you up to date on fitness trends, exercise research and fitness industry happenings. Combined with Food For Thought, you can earn 1 CEC by reading and taking the Quiz.

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Dieting and loneliness
This concise set of news stories provides a smart, credible glimpse at the dynamic fields of diet trends, food, nutrition and behavior change science. Combined with Headlines, you can earn 1 CEC by reading and taking the Quiz.

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IDEA World Virtual
IDEA® World Virtual Is Coming to You! – Aug. 21-22, 2020
Get ready for IDEA's new online event on August 21–22.


Plank Variations
Add spice to the plank with some twists on this core exercise.

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