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Fitness Journal Sprint
– december 2020

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Coaches Need Coaches, Too
Consider using downtime for professional development.
Adolescence: A Key Time for Building Bones cec
Moderate to vigorous physical activity is linked to adult bone health.
Fit or Fat Research Update cec
Improving cardiorespiratory fitness offers health benefits for people with obesity.
Safely Exercising During the Pandemic
ACSM statement highlights 12 action items for safe return following lockdown.
Exercise and a Healthy Liver
New findings highlight value of exercise training alone to reduce liver fat.
Fit Pros Can Help Women With Postpartum Fatigue cec
A supervised, 8-week exercise program significantly improved energy levels.
Fit Pros and the Healthcare Continuum
Using a data-driven approach supports outcomes and may increase referrals.
Outdoor Time in Green Spaces May Be Good for Pain
Exposure to nature could help people find relief.
Fixed-Rest Intervals Versus Self-Selected Rest cec
Strength gains appear equivalent, but what about efficiency?
Training for Balance and Function Reduces Falls Among Older Adults cec
A variety of options lessens risk of falling.