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July 2009

Fitness Journal July 2009 IDEA Fitness Journal
How Values Affect Program Adherence
Let their values be your guide.
Negotiating Compensation (In A Recession)
Look at the big picture and know your own value before asking for a raise.
2009 IDEA Programs & Equipment Trends
Facility managers and program directors maintain a conservative, but upbeat, outlook in the face of a difficult economy.
The Future of Pilates
An Inner IDEA® panel of experts dialogue on essential issues affecting the development of the Pilates industry.
Green Up Your Fitness
There are many things owners, managers, trainers and instructors can do to make the fitness world more sustainable.
Weaving Your Best Life
Create a meaningful soul tapestry by using what you learn from clients.
2009 IDEA Health & Fitness Inspiration Awards™ Finalists
Honoring the efforts of our industry’s top professionals.
The Latest Nutrition & Physical Activity Policies
How fitness professionals can help shape federal and state efforts to improve the health of our country’s citizens.
Spanning The Generations
How Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials fit together.