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September, 2009

Fitness Journal IDEA Fitness Journal - September, 2009
Connect, Lengthen and Release: For Moms-to-Be
This mind-body-inspired warm-up will help pregnant participants connect to baby, lengthen muscles and release tension.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Students dance to video games and hang from the ceiling in these unique offerings.
Nutrition Needs of Senior Athletes
How diet can enhance physical performance in older athletes—from those who compete at a masters level to those who just want to improve their game.
Pilates for Low-Back Pain
With its gentle, whole-body approach to recovery, Pilates is a good choice for clients with back pain.
Refine Your Instruction: Delicious Yog-ahh
Use these five tips to make yoga classes extra special.
Can You Go the Distance . . . to Better Health?
Is there something about marathoners that makes them physiologically and medically different?
Focusing on Progess, Not Perfection
Jonathan Ross helps his client relish the fitness journey.
Sample Class: Row and Ride
Combine the best of the outdoors and indoors with this “surf and turf” class.
Short-Burst Training
High-intensity, short-duration interval workouts are a new frontier in fitness and sports training.
The Elephant in the Room: Nutrition Scope of Practice
Where do fitness professionals draw the line when it comes to dishing out diet and nutrition advice?
Offering Training for Races
Help your clients reach the finish line and stay loyal to your business.
Weighing in on The Biggest Loser
This blockbuster reality show has ignited passionate reactions from fitness professionals and the clients they serve.