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September, 2008

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - September, 2008
Public Speaking
Attract more clients in less time.
2008 IDEA Personal Training Programs & Equipment Survey
A revamped survey reveals new data that trainers can use to refine programming, plan future equipment purchases and gain a leg up on competition.
Yes, Resistance Training Can Reverse the Aging Process
The fountain of youth is found in the weight room.
The Tour-Bus Trainer
Gregg Miele’s determination, charisma and passion for fitness have him seeing stars.
Look Before You Jump! cec
Plyometrics is a great training tool for budding clients, but do your research before leaping into program design.
Sample Class: Buff Bodz ‘n’ Little Bodz
Teach interactive skills and drills in a “games” atmosphere for parent and child.
Double the Challenge With Partner Yoga
Inner IDEA: Practicing yoga with a partner can help students develop trust, strength and compassion.
Help Fight Freshman Weight Gain
How to assist first-year college students so they don’t pack on the dreaded “freshman 15” pounds.
Find It, Feel It, Move It
Help participants connect with their bodies during the warm-up.
Choosing a Specialty
Make more money and enhance your career by narrowing your focus.
How to Be the Instructor Every Supervisor Wants
Try these five tips to connect with the corner office.
Extensive Experience out of the Gate
The University of California, Santa Barbara, sets high standards for budding group fitness instructors.
Nutrition for the Long Run cec
Winning foods & fluids for marathon runners.
Training Masters Athletes cec
Working with older-adult athletes can be a rewarding and eye-opening experience.
Slow Down Aging With Interval Training
The key to keeping strong and healthy as you age lies inside your fitness shoes.
A Workout for Everyone
How creative can you be when designing a class for your membership?
Fall Prevention for Seniors
Tips and news you can distribute to your clients.