FACTS Fitness, a fitness company based in suburban Philadelphia, offers a program called C.L.I.M.B. (Creative Ladder Intervals and Mega BootCamp). “This class is a high-energy, dynamic workout that combines creative agility ladder drills and boot-camp-style activities and exercises to work on speed, agility, muscle tone, fat burning and stamina,” says IDEA member Debbi MacArthur, who is the
director of marketing and public relations at FACTS Fitness. “We also do partner
exercises for added motivation, encouragement and team building.”

The L.A. Boxing Workout™ at LA Boxing in Orange County, California, mirrors an actual boxing match. The workout includes five 3-minute rounds with active 1-minute breaks.

The Pohl Recreation Center at the University of North Texas, in Denton, is
literal in its class title Not So Intense. According to the online schedule, this class focuses on conditioning, functional strengthening and range of motion. “If you need a workout but do not want the high impact, this is your class,” states the description.

The McLean Racquet & Health Club in McLean, Virginia, spices up its cross-training offerings with XXX (Xtreme Xercise Xperience) and Muscle Hustle. Both classes offer a full-body workout with the added benefits of variety and
injury prevention.

Floor-Barre® is a mind-body program developed by Zena Rommett that focuses on controlling movement around a strong core. Two distinguishing aspects of the program include movement refinement and a “constant emphasis on length.” According to a press release, this technique also purports to help prepare the body to move through space by “teaching students how to redistribute their weight.”

FIT Athletic Club in San Diego takes advantage of its unique location—overlooking center field of the San Diego Padres PETCO Park—to offer two one-of-a-kind classes. Seventh Inning Stretch is a “vigorous, nonstop, sweat-inducing yoga class with high energy and challenging postures.” Center Field Cycle “combines aspects of speed, strength and endurance training” in one indoor cycling workout. “With a constantly changing routine, this class ensures a solid,
well-rounded workout for all levels of athletes,” states a press release, which also urges participants to bring
a baseball glove (just
in case).

Hoopnotica® Hoopdance blends Hula-Hoop moves, belly dance and hip-hop. According to a press release, this low-impact work-out “is great for balance, coordination and stress reduction.”