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September, 2007

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - September, 2007

Fat Facts

Quit debating! To burn more fat, work harder or longer—or both.

Keep It Green

How to implement environmentally friendly practices in your work.

Joy in the Journey

IDEA presenter Carol Murphy talks about passion for movement and how helping others keeps her motivated.

Think Like an Athlete

Applying the principles of athletic training in your daily life just might provide the focus you need to succeed.

The Personal Trainer Headhunter

Detailed evaluations, thoughtful consideration and a pool of top-notch trainers help Trina Lambe teach clients about living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Too Much of 2 Good Things? cec

While some research has found that concurrent training may hinder endurance and strength training adaptations, certain protocols can render benifits.

Always on the Line

IDEA member Sonya Bruton takes personal development to new heights with telephone wellness coaching.