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September, 2005

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - September, 2005
Seeing Stars cec
The sky's the limit when it comes to training elite athletes.
Preparing for a Job Interview
Ace your interviews through conscientious preparation.
Honing Athletes’ Running Techniques
Sandra Speier helps to mold teens and athletes lives and sport careers with positive coaching.
Doing Your Best Is Good Enough!
Learn to let go of perfectionism and enjoy your accomplishments.
Yoga for Back Care
Learn a sequence of simple poses to maintain a healthy back.
A Practical Approach to Program Design
Follow along with this case study to put your "book knowledge" into practice
Real Fitness, Real People
IDEA Member Bryce Jackson's Work in Progress contest challenged a community to "train for life"
Help for Low-Back Pain
These Pilates-based exercises can be a safe and effective alternative for clients with lumbar-spine disorders.
The Place to Be!
Market your classes for bigger numbers and more fun.
Creative Education
Candice Copeland Brooks offers advice on how to continually re-invent yourself.
Tapering: Science and Practice cec
Avoid overtraining and enhance athletic performance by using basic tapering principles.
A Time to Play, A Time to Rest
Diversify your class schedule by offering a mix of modalities.
Sample Class: Dance-Inspired Cardio
Give students an excuse to lose themselves in music.