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September, 2004

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - September, 2004
Tricks of the Trade
How do you network with other trainers, health professionals or clients to increase your business?
Resistance Tubing Class
Sample Class: Resistance Tubing Workout cec
Help participants develop strength with a simple piece of equipment.
Crafting Fitness Resumes
Cast off your panic and writer’s block. Fitness resumés are a whole new game.
Throw Members a Curve
Short circuit workouts with your own creative spin.
Balance Your Act
Acclimate participants and then warm up.
de-stress in nature
Let the landscape of the great outdoors rejuvenate and revitalize you.
Real-Life Programs for Real People
Meticulous assessment makes Lynne Greer’s training successful and rewarding.
moving slow in a fast world
The rise of tai chi in America.
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Testing
This first of a two-part series explains the what, when, where and why of cardiorespiratory fitness tests.
Navigating Personal Trainer Certifications
How does the industry “certify the certifiers” for a consistent standard of education and experience?
Capitalizing on a Reduced Schedule
The hours spent without clients or classes can be some of your most productive.
Using Foam Rollers in the Fitness Setting
Here's a fun way to add a new dimension to your personal training sessions and group fitness classes.
Counteracting Momentum During Exercise
Help clients optimize strength training and avoid injury by discouraging the use of momentum.
A Motivating Mix
Use these creative class ideas to inspire participants.