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October, 2009

Fitness Journal IDEA Fitness Journal - October, 2009
Revving Things Up in Russia
Russians say “da” to fitness.
The Wellness Culture: Self-Responsibility at Last
Take advantage of shifts in public policy and cultural consciousness and let your services shine.
Pilates for All Abilities
Laura Gideon modified her Pilates program to handle a unique client.
Balance for Baby Boomers and Seniors
Understanding balance and instability in older adults can help you design effective programs from the ground up.
Leaders That Make a Difference
Strength, courage & unfaltering determination help IDEA’s 2009 award recipients Inspire the World to Fitness®.
Creating a Name and Logo
Help your business succeed with a name and logo that will strike a chord with clients.
Yoga Fundamentals: Pose by Pose
Know the essential themes that yoga teachers must understand, and take a fresh approach to basic poses, including bridge pose, downward-facing dog and triangle pose.
Drifting in Different Planes
Wind down your class with Pilates-inspired movements.
Too Much Sitting Is Hazardous to Your Health
Even if you’re active, you still need to get up every so often.
Inspire: Be The Change!
The 2009 IDEA World Fitness ConventionÔäó highlighted and celebrated the diversity of our industry today.
The Fat-Burning Zone
Myths, facts and suggestions for burning fat faster and more efficiently.
So Much Equipment, So Much Fun
No matter what equipment you have access to, make the most of it and give members a great workout.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Fusion classes and oldies but goodies still inspire members.
Sample Class: Bricks for Breakfast
Help participants refine their triathlon transition times.