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October, 2004

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - October, 2004
Tricks of the Trade
Have you ever refused to work with a specific client? Why? How did you handle the situation?
cooking quick, healthy meals at home
Fast food can be good for your health.
Improving Health in the Heartland
Lisa Bell is on a mission in the Midwest.
the joy of the at-home spa day
Rejuvenate yourself with some tricks from the spa trade.
The Shoulder, Part IV
Dynamic shoulder movements in the horizontal plane.
Tour de Teamwork
Nurture an environment where professional relationships prosper and the entire staff wins.
Market Now or Forever Hold Your Speech
You may be a good speaker, but if you don’t market yourself well, your message will remain a well-kept secret.
Dignity Before Diets
Medicare’s revised obesity policy strikes a chord with IDEA members and size-acceptance advocates.
write right
Discover how to create cover letters that get action.
the science of self-monitoring
Help clients achieve more by helping them measure their progress.
Super Fantastic!
Y'all ready for this? Attitude was everything at the 2004 IDEA World Fitness Convention.
Sample Class: Stability Ball Muscle Sculpt
Emphasize muscle endurance and balance.
Time Wounds All Heels
Learn to recognize symptoms of common foot injuries before they turn into problems for you or your clients.
Find the Fun
Be inspired by these unique class ideas.
Too Cool to Cool Down?
Make the end of your class just as important and fun as the rest of the workout.