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November 2016

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- November 2016
Pregnancy and Exercise Myths
Set the record straight with pregnant clients so they can feel good about working out with you.
IDEA Codes of Ethics for Fitness Professionals
IDEA's code of conduct for group fitness instructors, personal trainers, owners and managers has withstood the test of time.
Recovery Technology: Completing the Training Picture
New tools let users dive into data that shows them the sweet spot between optimum recovery and optimal effort.
One Size Does Not Fit All
Dan Kleckner has discovered that achieving long-term client success requires balancing individualized programming with each client's lifestyle demands.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Stay on the cutting edge with these classes that kick things up a notch.
Sample Class: Cycling for Teens
Introduce a new generation to the many benefits of exercise.
Ditch the Crunches: A Cardio Routine That Targets the Core
Work the core with compound movements and a little cardio push.
Care, Don’t Overshare
Be thoughtful and selective in what you talk about when you're teaching.
Starting a Podcast
Will a podcast help your fitness business?
Letting the Client Take the Wheel
Harold Gibbons believes that giving clients the power to control their programs is the secret to their success.
The Emerging Case Against Antioxidant Supplements cec
New studies suggest exercise and healthy diet combined are the elusive magic bullet.
The Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions
One-on-one yoga sessions offer a mindful approach to personal training.
Ankle Sprains: What Can Personal Trainers Do to Help? cec
Find out how to help clients recover from an injury and prevent the next one.
Exercise & Cancer cec
Research is uncovering promising data on how physical activity helps the body and mind heal—and prevent—this deadly disease.
Coaching the Whole Family cec
Why nutrition and fitness pros need to work with moms, dads and kids together—and how to do it.