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November 2013

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - November 2013
Sporting Chances
Even a trainer for NBA stars sees the effects of the obesity epidemic.
Thrive in Five
Take 5 minutes to make this the best holiday you've ever had.
Innovative Chair Exercises for Seniors
Offer seated movements that provide functional relevance and challenge.
Progressive Core Exercise for Beginners and Beyond
Take the time to teach awareness before cuing advanced moves.
Sample Class: 3 x 3 Progressive Cycling Circuits
Give participants a way to measure their improvement.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Give your clients the gift of fitness this holiday season.
Heart Arrhythmias: An Exercise Professional’s Primer cec
What you and your clients need to know about irregular heartbeats.
Performance Training for Masters Athletes cec
Numbering in the tens of millions, active adults aged 35 and older represent a wealth of opportunities for personal trainers.
Protein Today: Are Consumers Getting Too Much of a Good Thing? cec
Consuming proteins can help people lose weight, but most people don't need more of it in their diets.
The Right Way to Train for a Marathon cec
Improving the body's natural ability to adapt is the key to crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles.
Analyzing Flash Deals
Are discounted offers really effective for your business?
Sleep: The Athlete’s Steroid cec
Research supports a good night's sleep as a crucial program design element for optimal performance.
Age Is Just a Number
Nearing 60, Tom decided it was time to reverse the aging process.