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November, 2010

IDEA Fitness Journal - November, 2010
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Test your knowledge and earn up to four continuing education credits/units.
Repositioning Poor Posture cec
There are reasons and ways to help older clients correct improper posture.
Ask the RD
Do low-calorie sweeteners cause weight gain?
Pilates: Tools for Teen Athletes
How to get started on offering Pilates training to local sports teams.
Sounding Super: A Guide to Vocal Health
Train your voice the same way you train your body.
The Core as a Cylinder
Teach participants how awareness affects performance.
Sample Class: Cross Currents
Use challenging circuits to add intensity to your water workout.
Eating Well on a Budget cec
Advance menu planning and thoughtful shopping can keep grocery costs manageable and maintain nutritional integrity.
Digitally Enhancing the Value of Evaluations
Top fitness professionals share their views on using audio and video technology to boost performance.
Body Intelligence: A Guide to Self-Attunement cec
Three pillars—somatic awareness, knowledge and level of engagement—offer a gateway to a healthy, vibrant life.
Honing Your Intuitive Intelligence
Use your gut instinct to get ahead in your fitness career.
Designing a Program for Swayback Posture cec
A fuller understanding of swayback posture can help you retrain clients.
Rebuilding the Injured Body
Constant feedback and careful progressions are essential for helping one client improve functional mobility.
Important Risk Factor and Fitness Assessment “Numbers” cec
Charts and tables and measurements, oh my!
The Client Newsletter, Your Way!
A quick guide to customizing and managing the IDEA FitnessConnect Client Newsletter.