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November, 2004

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - November, 2004
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Testing, Part II
Examining cardiorespiratory fitness testing modalities and protocols.
Sample Class: Cardio Target Training
Take your kickboxing class to the next level.
Bust Stress With Pilates Principles
The mindful characteristics of Pilates make it an ideal way to remain placid in the churning ocean of life.
Conflict Resolution Toolbox
Cringe when conflict arises? Get three strategies for handling it successfully.
Building Business Through Referrals
Joe Stankowski enjoys seeing the fitness bug spread among his clients’ friends and families.
Exercise After-Burn: A Research Update cec
What effect do intensity, mode, duration and other factors have on calorie burning after exercise?
Volunteering: The Inner Light
When it comes to giving back to your community, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
Body Composition Assessment and Relationship to Disease cec
Learning various applications, methods and principles.
Active Empowerment
Take inventive cues from these classes.
Trail Running
Try this all-season training program that gets your runners off the pavement and into nature.
No Equipment Required
Go back to basics with these three exercises for the core muscles.
Staying Centered During the Holidays
Frazzled by the holidays? Learn how to stay calm during this frantic season.
Using Glycemic Index to Improve Athletic Performance cec
Why carbohydrates can create responses that can hinder or help athletic performance.
When Teaching “Failure” Leads to Success
Use a range of options and techniques when leading a multilevel group strength class.